Mom (Betty) and Dad (Craig) Kepner are either busy studying Spanish, tutoring English, traveling, or trying to find time to add photos and interesting commentary to The Kepner Family Album for the enjoyment of family, friends and anyone else who might drop by. We now have something of interest in every section of the Album, but we are adding new things on a regular basis so stop by whenever you have to time to see what's new. . .

Check out our 2005 additions of Argentina and Uruguay and the 2004 additions of Chile and Costa Rica Friends and Costa Rica Travels and the 2003 Thailand Travels. Don't miss-- Craig attends the John Glenn Shuttle Launch!

A brief bio of Craig and Betty . . .

We have lived in Phoenix, Arizona since 1964. We first met in Tucson, Arizona in 1962 and we will celebrate our 43th wedding anniversary in 2006. Betty is from Massachusetts. Craig is from Minnesota. Betty graduated from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine and obtained her Masters Degree from Boston University. Craig graduated from the University of Arizona, first with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and later with a Law degree.

Betty has been a Special Education teacher in a local school district, but she retired in May, 2001. Craig is a lawyer, but for the past several years he has been enjoying a sabbatical from the practice. We have three grown children, Todd, a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, and his family live in Virginia. "Dr." Scott, a Veterinarian, and his family live in Oregon. Julie, a Communications graduate from the University of San Diego, travels around the world with her fiancée, Scott. We have six grandchildren, Jeremy, Kayla, Brenna, Savana, Ryan and Ian.

Betty has three brothers who live in New England. Craig has one sister who lives in Texas. Betty's mom lives in Massachusetts. Craig has one niece and one nephew and two grandnephews. Betty has two nieces and two nephews. As The Family Kepner Album continues to expand we will have photos and commentary on our respective extended families.

Besides our fondness for world travel, Betty likes to garden and Craig likes computers! We are are devoted Apple Macintosh fans! We hope that you enjoy The Kepner Family Album! And now back to when we were a little younger!


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